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October 2020 | Life Update

Since our families include 2 college freshmen, we’ve had front row seats to how the pandemic is impacting higher education and the wide variety of experiences offered.

For Kris’ daughter, it has meant moving into a dorm in Boston and attending Northeastern in a “hybrid” school model with some online and some in person classes while following strict social distancing guidelines and being tested for the virus every 3 DAYS.

Meanwhile, for Jen’s son, it has meant living at home and virtually attending USC film school, online classes only, and setting the social distancing standards he chooses at home with his family.

Universities are sorting this out in unique ways and our kids are the guinea pigs. Let’s just say it has created a new category for future families to evaluate if a school is right for your child - how is the school handling the pandemic? Would that be a “fit” for your child?

All the best,

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