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January 2021 | Life Update

Getting back to work/life balance after the holidays is a bit different this year. We are hopeful that we have just 1 more quarter of pandemic-style business management so we are buckling down to stay safe and making optimistic plans for the summer.

From Jen: Our family's trip to Galapagos was rescheduled to Aug. 2021 ( in case anyone wants to join us). My youngest is a big wildlife enthusiast and plans to study marine biology so these types of trips are filled with an excitement and passion for learning. We're hoping the wildlife in heavily toured areas have been thriving during Covid.

From Kris: Our family is hopeful that we can rebook our trip and cruise through Croatia. The cruise company rolled our reservation over to 2021. Let's hope they got it right and we can go in June!

What are your post-pandemic plans?

Send us an email or contact us on social media. We'd love to hear from you!

All the best,

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