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Summer 2021 | Kamali Family Croatia Trip

The Kamali family at the palace in Split.
The Kamali family at the palace in Split

After a year of postponements and delays, the Kamali family took a chance at international travel this June by re-booking a 12 day trip to Croatia.

All I can say is that if you’ve ever considered visiting Croatia - GO! The warmth of the people, the beauty of the country (mainland and islands) and the history to be learned all make this destination a great one for families with older kids. We met wonderful people along the way and learned a lot about life in the former Yugoslavia transitioning to a young democracy all the while preserving their independent heritage.

This was just the trip we needed after a year spent mostly apart - it was crazy to see how much they’d all matured and the transition among them from battling siblings to loving friends (with the occasional sibling jab still to be had...).


Kayaking around Dubrovnik city wall.
Kayaking around Dubrovnik city wall
The waterfalls of Krka National Park
The best dairy free ice cream!
The best dairy free ice cream!
Zip-lining near Split (because every Kamali vacation includes a little crazy).
Zip-lining near Split
Hvar Harbor
Hvar Harbor
One of many swim stops
One of many swim stops

All the best,

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