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Kris Kamali's history as a lawyer has proved to be an essential tool in the real estate industry.  Her education and experience in law has given her and her clients the upper hand in all negotiation scenarios, from the beginning to the end of the buying/selling process.

Jennifer Colson's vision of the step-by-step buying and selling process has given comfort and peace of mind to each client from start to finish.  With her ability to take on the tasks at hand, whether it be home evaluation, inspection, renovation, or final prep/staging; Jennifer will ensure everything is completed to have a successful transaction. 


Being life-long Bay Area residents with over 10+ years of real estate experience across the Bay Area and beyond, Jennifer and Kris are proven community experts with knowledge of every market from San Carlos to Almaden.

As their motto "Tell us your story; We'll set the stage" suggests,  Jennifer and Kris tailor their expertise and knowledge to the needs of their clients.  From first time homeowners to multi-million dollar real estate investors, Jennifer and Kris have helped clients at every life phase.

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