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Jen's Wildfire Experience

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Written by Kris on behalf of Jen...

I haven’t heard Jen this excited in months. “This place is perfect,” she says, “The outdoor living space is ideal during covid.” She is FaceTiming with me as she walks through the Calistoga home she has just closed escrow on. After searching up and down the state, she and Eric have finally found the vacation home that meets her family needs - surrounded by nature, it’s just the escape they wanted.

But the next call is devastating. “We got evacuated this morning. I could see the fire on the ridge. I think it’s all gone.” By the next day her fears were confirmed - the entire Calistoga Ranch community was burned to the ground. They had only owned the home for 9 days.

Distraught and emotional about what had happened, Jen was in a bad place for the next few days. The visions of family experiences in this idyllic spot literally up in smoke. But ultimately, her pragmatic nature and constant concern for others rose above the emotions. “We need to remind our clients - now is the time to review their insurance - homeowners, fire, it’s so important.”

So consider yourself warned. Take a look at your policies and if you want to make a change give us a call and we’ve got wonderful brokers for you to talk to. And the next time you talk to Jen remind her that while selling homes and property may be our life’s work, it’s ultimately the people in our lives that make that work all worthwhile.



All the best,

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