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House Rehab For Sales

This past year, we’ve been lucky to sell some pristine homes with clients that had already updated the property to near market-ready condition. But what happens when a client comes to us with a house in need of rehab? We’ve spent the last decade working with a team of contractors - from paint, flooring, tile refinishing, electrical, landscape - you name it, we’ve “got a guy for that”.

This summer we are working on two projects in need of a facelift before going to market and we are managing all the work for our clients keeping the experience as stress-free for them as possible. From the estate sale of a wall-to-wall filled 5,000 square foot home in Fremont to the removal of popcorn ceilings in a San Jose rental, we’ve learned over the years exactly what needs to get done for sale in the most economical way possible.

Here’s a preview of some “before” photos - check back for the “after” reveals in our next newsletter. If you haven't already, click here to join our quarterly newsletter where we share our market insight, updates, client stories, experiences, and so much more!

Before Photos

After Photos

Pending Project Completion

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