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April 2021 | Client Experience

"You must be so tired of us by now" our clients said after we gave them the bad news. They had lost out on another competitive bidding battle for a home for the fourth time in 2 months. With 10 offers in the mix, we were close in third place! But no luck. With each lost sale our buyers knew they weren't comfortable with the price the home sold for and had no regrets, but they were tiring of the process.

Still, we knew we were getting close. With every missed deal they learned something new - layout features that matter, neighborhood assets, and what improvements they could stomach making on their own.

So when the right opportunity came along, they were ready for it. A lovely home in a solid neighborhood was listed as "coming soon" and we jumped on it. Before the house hit the general market we reviewed prior listing pictures and decided this was it - let's make the preemptive offer, save the seller listing costs, and try to get into contract SIGHT UNSEEN.

We discussed the market value and decided on an aggressive price and terms. Then boom - we got it! All a little stunned, we were thrilled at the walk-through the following day that all was to their liking. But we never would have suggested that strategy had it not been for the lost deals that had come before it. The home buyer education process, as painful as it may be, is the only real way for a client to make that kind of bold decision in this intensely competitive market.

So were we tired of them? Absolutely not. Their sale brought us the exact kind of job satisfaction and reward that motivates us every day. And we look forward to the day when we get to visit them in their house and look back on this crazy year, together.

All the best,

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