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House Rehab For Sales Follow Up

We have done the rehab for many homes over the years, but our biggest project yet came with a client in Fremont whose lifetime of living was piled up (literally) in every room of the over 5,000 square foot house. A widow who had originally built the house with her husband, our client was completely overwhelmed by the idea of readying the house for market.

Once she and her family removed the belongings they wanted to keep, we started up with our team beginning with an estate sale and clean out, general contractor, painter, flooring, tile resurfacing and handyman. We managed every step of the project to alleviate the stress to our sellers and the transformation was pretty remarkable. The client was thrilled to see the house returned to its original grandeur and welcome a new generation in to appreciate it. We also have a few before/after pictures from a much smaller project - a rental home in need of some TLC - that likewise felt markedly transformed.

Before and After Photos

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