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Tom M.

Los Gatos, CA

"Kris and Jen did a great job when we bought our house with them. Kris made an effective, concerted effort to canvas our target neighborhood, tapping into her and Jennifer's vast personal network to find out what houses might be going on the market in the area well beyond just the listed properties. This above-and-beyond effort helped us be sure that the house we ended up buying was the right one for us. In addition, at the tail end of our negotiations with the buyer (the most important time), when it appeared that we might hit a point of gridlock in our negotiation, Kris and Jen stepped up to the plate and did a really great job making both sides of the table come together and make the deal happen. Although most of our engagement was with Kris this time around, our experience with Jen was that she was pleasant, professional, and intelligent to work with. Most importantly Jennifer and Kris work cohesively as a team such that their customers effectively get two realtors for the price of one."

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