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Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Events

This wildfire season has taught us yet again that emergency preparedness should be top of mind. But even if we prep the house and put together our own “go bag”, are we prepared to support our neighbors? And can they support us if there is a need?

As a service to our clients, we are hosting neighborhood emergency preparedness gatherings - an opportunity to meet neighbors, review preparedness essentials, and find out who has special needs (i.e. elderly residents, young children, pets) or special resources (i.e. who has that emergency generator?)


Here are some of the attendees at our last Emergency Preparedness Event for our clients, Keith and Michelle Ross, and their neighbors on Belblossom Road in Los Gatos.


If you’re interested in hosting a free event for your neighborhood, just let us know.

We provide the materials, food, and help set up a shared document of information as a way to support each other - we will even door knock your neighborhood to get as many folks to attend as possible.

All the best,

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